1, the soles should be hard, and the common people's misunderstandings are: the softer the shoe, the better

2, the toe should be hard, in order to protect the children's toes will not be kicked

3. The soles at the junction of the front and rear soles of the foot should be soft and flexible so as to adapt to the walking characteristics of toddlers.

In addition to the above three functions, the two most important features of toddler shoes are:

1. The sole should have an arch design to prevent flat feet. Because infants and young children are babies who haven’t yet formed arches, they need to wear an arch design to prevent them from becoming flat.

2. The upper of the toddler's shoes should be taller than the outside. Because the baby's external malleolus joint ligament is loose, there are poor postures in which the baby can easily walk horizontally when standing or walking, so that it is easy to raise eight or eight inside the road in the future.