In addition, most of the infant's foot bones are not completely calcified and relatively soft. Even if the shoes are worn inappropriately, there is no particular painful feeling. Therefore, it is not easy for parents to find out if there are any problems with the baby's shoes. Improper wearing of shoes not only leads to permanent deformity of the feet, but also may cause deformation of the physiological curvature of the spine, even when the normal development of the brain, heart, and abdominal cavity is affected.

Material is very important, the choice of material also determines the fine workmanship and quality issues. Good toddler shoes, the toe should be relatively hard, can be very good to avoid collision of the inner surface of the shoe and the toes, too soft, it will increase the friction between the inner surface of the shoe and the toes, will damage the baby's skin. In addition, shoes with better materials will have more fine workmanship. Nothing will appear on the outside, and the stitches will be more uniform and wider and narrower.

The consideration of soles is equally important. If you choose too hard, it will be easy for the baby to wrestle. If it is too soft, it will irritate your baby's skin. It is not conducive to your baby learning to walk. Therefore, when choosing a toddler's shoes, you should also look at the soles to see how flexible you are. Flexible and elastic can absorb shock, and the bottom surface must have non-slip textures and balance bars to prevent baby from slipping due to unstable walking. inverted.

Choose to learn to walk shoes to consider the issue of ventilation, some parents think that as long as the choice of good air permeability in the summer, winter need to keep warm without ventilation, this idea is not correct, the winter is precisely the time when the most need to breathe. When the baby moves, it will produce sweat. These sweats need to be discharged in time. If there is no breathability, the baby's footsteps will be soaked in sweat. It may cause frostbite or ulceration over time. Therefore, regardless of the season, the choice of toddler shoes should consider the issue of air permeability, and it is advisable to use a health functional walking shoe that can easily discharge sweat.