Select shoes according to the characteristics of children of all ages

I believe many mothers will encounter such problems as A mother. In fact, the correct approach is to choose shoes according to the characteristics of children of all ages. Usually 0 to 15 months of the baby is called "crawling to toddler", at this time, the baby began to try to stand and walk, this stage should encourage the baby to barefoot indoors, so that the foot directly contact the ground, increase the foot At the end of the grip, to cultivate balance. In order to keep warm and avoid foot injuries, indoor shoes are also encouraged to use ultra-thin and soft sole shoes to keep the feet in the grip; while in the outdoor environment, it is recommended to wear a little thicker and more protective. The shoes further protect the baby's feet, but it should not be too thick and hard, and it should be able to maintain a certain grip.

About 15 months ago, the baby was in a crawling stage until the early stages. Start trying to stand and walk. At this stage, the baby should be encouraged to barefoot in the room so that the foot can directly contact the ground to increase the sense of foot traction and to cultivate balance. However, in order to keep warm and avoid foot injuries, parents can also choose the ultra-thin and soft-soled indoor step shoes. In this way, you can not only maintain the feel of foot soles, but also effectively protect your baby's feet.

About 15 months later, the baby is in the toddler stage and begins to have more time to walk. However, because the gait is not stable, it is more suitable for wearing toddler shoes that are easy to twist in the front foot. Parents can select enough shoes for the baby's body after 15 months to design and have a thin, soft toddler's shoes. Such shoes will be easier to twist. It's easy to get started when your baby walks, which helps develop the right gait.