A few years ago, my mother and I went to buy the pair of leather shoes. It was a pair of particularly beautiful shoes: the upper was covered with purple artificial crystals, and there was a butterfly pattern on both sides, and two red ribbons danced with the wind. Such a beautiful shoe was really a treasure for me at that time. Wear it on your feet for fear of a slight loss of light.

It's too late to get out of the store. If you don’t come home soon, you’ll certainly worry about Dad again. Walk, it's too time-consuming; taxi, too expensive. Oh, yes, take the bus! Save time and save money. When this idea was lifted, the mother agreed.

We waited and waited until we finally got to a bus. However, there were many people inside. When the car was opened, there was a grandmother who almost fell off.

Our mother and daughter finally got into the car. I watched my "baby" carefully. I can't lift it up, and I don't feel relieved to put it down, fearing that it will be "attacked" by someone else's big feet. But I couldn't make it easy for me. Just when I was relaxed and yawned, there was a king size leather shoe that left a deep "hickey" on my shoe. It hurts! Looking at the owner of the shoe, I saw him first put a cool: dumped his hair, and picked up the "vigorous youth" running out of tune. Will he not apologize? What is this attitude? I was out when you pedal? ... I was not to be outdone, and he gave him a bang. "Oh, it hurts!" The uncle shouted in the carriage. Hey, do you know the pain? I ignore him, humming "not my fault": wrong, wrong, wrong, this does not complain about me. Who made God favor me..." He glanced at me and his neck went red. I managed him, and then sang. Mad him!

After returning home, I triumphantly told my father and mother what I was doing. I thought my parents would praise me for doing it. Who knows, Dad actually sank his face and criticized me: "Is it worth showing off? It's so big. There isn't even a little tolerance. If everyone is like this, what would the world look like!" Now I feel hot on the face...

Now these shoes are too small to wear, but I still treasure it. Because it taught me the truth of being a man, it left me with an indelible memory.